20 January 2010

Wake Up Call

Three recent stories in the news here,  here, and here (somewhat satirically), describe how some people are taking advantage of our high crime rate to make a bit of extra cash at the soccer world cup. Our government is understandably outraged at the suggestion that these "stab-proof vests" are even necessary, and that they are inciting fear. Unfortunately, fear sells.

My opinion is that these are a waste of money, as our criminals tend to be very cunning and skilled, and would not be fooled by these measures. I think if people make sure they are aware of whats going on around them, and don't do anything stupid, and don't drink too much, they should have an uneventful, enjoyable experience.

Is this maybe the wake up call for our government we have been waiting for, that our country is not flowing with milk and honey in all areas, and that we might actually have a crime problem? I certainly hope so..